Growing up with the strong desire to be a choreographer, I had to battle the difficult schedule and financial challenge as I was working a full time job at a corporate company at the same time.  I loved dance because it enabled me to express myself through music.  Unfortunately had to drop dance due to not being able to support myself financially.  I ended up having to stick with my corporate job.  After 4 years of staying at my full time job, I was unhappy because there was absolutely no creativity about it.  So I decided to quit and work as a freelance still photographer.  I traveled the world and even lived in Costa Rica for some time.  This enabled me to see the world in a completely new perspective as I lived in Orange County pretty much my entire life.  

My name is Austin Sabado and I’m a cinematographer looking for representation. I’m seeking the opportunity to work with talented artists and creatives to further my skills in cinematography and collaborate to create visual stories.

Since 2017, I have been working as a full time freelance cinematographer.  Before that I was working as a still photographer, post production editor, and anything else I could do on set productions.  I’m submitting myself and my portfolio for commercial representation.  Based in Los Angeles, I’m available and interested to do travel work when available.  


 briefly mentioning any roles that you have booked, projects that you have worked on in the past, or projects that you're currently working on. 

- DP on various beauty brand content

- Boston Harbor Hotel and ProjectEx are my two strong beauty pieces

- Currently working on


As a hard working filmmaker, I strive for collaboration and teamwork as I strongly feel this is the foundation to a successful project.  Anytime a project arises on my radar, I am eager to work on it.  From the pre-production, on-set, and post-production.  Everything about a motion project excites me because it’s the perfect recipe of everything I grew up to love and enjoy, photography, music, and choreography.

My goal in my cinematography career is to achieve the experiences and opputunires to work with other experts and artists in their craft, pushing my creative abilities and skills to the next level.  I know NEER will enable me to get to the next level because of thier mission to bring artists and creatives together to enhance the content creation process for motion productions. 

I invite you to open and look through my portfolio as I present to you my view through the lens.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Austin Sabado